Monday, March 21, 2011

Lucky Me

On St Patricks day I went all crazy with the green milk and Lucky Charms. The kids were excited and enjoyed it since I don't buy sugar cereals anymore. I gave them each a little card

When Grant read his he said:

"Well I'm lucky you didn't stop having babies after Hannah".

That really made me smile. I just couldn't imagine our family without him. I kept thinking about being lucky all day. When I was at Winco later that day, I saw a young mom with a toddler and preggers. The little boy looked a lot like Evan. I just felt so lucky to be the Mom of 4 kids. I feel lucky to have made it through those early years when the kids were little. I am just so thankful for each one of my kids and feel so blessed that each one is part of our family. I feel so lucky to be their Mom. Sometimes I think that there is a lot of luck involved with this mothering business. It is so hard sometimes and I know that I make plenty of mistakes and yet I know that they feel lucky to be a part of our family too!!

I guess there is luck involved, but I am truly blessed to have a loving husband and the gospel of Jesus Christ to help lead and guide our family through life. I guess it is these little things that make me realize how blessed I am!!

Now as we enter the teenage years... wish me luck!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

He's Gone
Gone Skiing
no lifts required
Experts only
too much $$
there will be payback

miss him

Meet Filippis Pizza Grotto & Italian Restaurant

Meet Filippi:)
When the kids were little, I so looked forward to going out to dinner without the crying, tantrum and crawling under the tables. However, now that they are older eating out is so PRICEY!! Evan tends to select the most expensive fish dish, and the other kids think they all need adult meals and my tricks of splitting meals and no drinks are just a struggle.

Well Filippi's has changed all that. We all love Italian Food. Fillippi's is yummy traditional Italian food and pizza. We discovered "THE FEAST". It supposed to be for two, but it literally feeds our whole family of 6. It comes with 2 large salads, bottomless bread, med pizza with 6 slices, 2 large plates of spaghetti and lasagna. Add an extra salad and a family size meatball and we are good to go. I even let the kids order sodas and we are out the door for $40 bucks!! Yay!! We usually come home with leftovers to boot.

I just wanted to share a fun, cheap family joint!! Monday thru Thursday only:)

Is this lame to blog about? It excites me:)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

To Blog or not to Blog!?!

Should I give this another go? Although my first attempt was somewhat pathetic, we'll try again. I could say that the last couple years there has been nothing great to "blog about" but although it's true it has been rough for our family, there has been plenty of good, growing moments for us. There are lots of things that have happened that I wish I would have documented and written about. I'll try to keep my blog positive (hard for me) and not to braggy (hard too I am a mom).

Last Monday was Presidents day so we were all off school and work, so we decided to go skiing at Snow Summit. Jeff has recertified in ski patrol so for the past two seasons our family has enjoyed season passes. The kids have also enjoyed free lessons. Last Monday when we went up Jeff didn't have to patrol so we all skied together. It was a pretty amazing experience for me. It was such a beautiful day with sunny skies and fresh snow. It was a great family day filled with fun, laughter, fighting, teasing and whining. I am so thankful that Jeff works so hard so that we are able to enjoy this family time together. All of the kids have picked up skiing nicely - they must have gotten that from Jeff.

our ski family (minus Evan)

Evan - loves to ski in the trees and is getting pretty good!!

Amy works hard & has fun & helpful!!

Hannah - little ski bunny- she's a natural!!

Grant - little Speedy.

I don't mean to brag(already) but Jeff is such a stud on Skies.

Hopefully blogging will help me get some better photos:) I'm really glad that we are able to do this as a family and create memories for the kids. I do have to say I'm proud of myself for getting up there. It isn't my favorite thing to do and it is so much work with all the kids, but I'm actually getting better. I can keep up with the kids, for now anyway.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Time out for the girls!!!

This past weekend I meet up with 6 of my sisters for a girls weekend in Las Vegas. We had a blast. We picked Las Vegas so we could attend the Time Out for Women seminar. It was a little deeper than our usual girls trip that would include shopping, pedicures, eating out and talking all night. On Friday we had tickets to a seminar called "life Seminar" a fresh look at life, learning and leadership. Wow, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. We were giving a workbook when we entered and expected to work. We had to dig deep and do some major soul searching. It was filled with so much valuable and practical information. It was so professional yet we felt touched by the spirit on those specific things we were meant to hear. I have already used one of the conflict management worksheets on my hubby - not that we have any serious conflicts - but it did help focus in on a specific issue we were dealing with. I am sure he is thrilled I went,j.k.:) Next year this will be presented in a webinar so check it out on Deseret Book for updates, I would totally recommend it. Saturday was the more typical Time out that I had attended before. It was awesome and inspirational.The theme for the day was living a "joyful life" I am definetly on board with that. Good times. Thanks to Jeff for handling the kids without any complaint and for missing me. You are the best!!! The weekend was a little bitter sweet since my little sis, Kari is moving tomorrow from Newport Beach to Plymouth, MA. Thank you so much for making the effort to get to Vegas. I know it was a sacrafice. I appreciate it more than you know. Tara and Cheri I hope you can make the trip next year - I love you girls so much and love that we take time to be together.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday morning with Amy.

Amy and I had the chance to hang out together on Saturday morning. First we went to her softball tryout/evaluation. This is her first year where she had to be evaluated. She was excited and also nervous. She asked if I thought she would make the team. Well everyone makes the team so I told her to do her best. She hadn't played for a few months but she went out there like a pro. Especially hitting. Good job Amy. I didn't take any photos but we will take care of that when the season starts. After that we went to Sun City to pick up a instrument rental for band class. Amy choose the trombone. HMMMMM. She never waivered. That is what she picked 3 weeks ago after the band assembly and she still wants it. I asked her why, she explained to me that her band instructor told her trombone players were special(?) and that instruments take on the personalities of their players. Nuff said. She is the only trombone in the band. Can't wait for practice time:)

Mom, can I go to the school Dance???

O.K. so Evan just started 6th grade (middle school)and is doing well with everything so far. Last week he asked me if he could go to the after school dance. What do I do? Do I go and stand in the back, keep him home AGHHHH? I wasn't quite prepared for this - but I remember going to after school skates in Jr High. The school is pretty strict and I felt comfortable with the supervision, so I let him go. Evan was trying to convince his buddy in the carpool to go. His friend had no interest in dancing with girls. Evan said, "We don't have to dance with girls until our Prom." I thought that was pretty cute. He went and ended up having a good time and hung out mostly with his buddy's. He's growing up too fast.