Monday, March 21, 2011

Lucky Me

On St Patricks day I went all crazy with the green milk and Lucky Charms. The kids were excited and enjoyed it since I don't buy sugar cereals anymore. I gave them each a little card

When Grant read his he said:

"Well I'm lucky you didn't stop having babies after Hannah".

That really made me smile. I just couldn't imagine our family without him. I kept thinking about being lucky all day. When I was at Winco later that day, I saw a young mom with a toddler and preggers. The little boy looked a lot like Evan. I just felt so lucky to be the Mom of 4 kids. I feel lucky to have made it through those early years when the kids were little. I am just so thankful for each one of my kids and feel so blessed that each one is part of our family. I feel so lucky to be their Mom. Sometimes I think that there is a lot of luck involved with this mothering business. It is so hard sometimes and I know that I make plenty of mistakes and yet I know that they feel lucky to be a part of our family too!!

I guess there is luck involved, but I am truly blessed to have a loving husband and the gospel of Jesus Christ to help lead and guide our family through life. I guess it is these little things that make me realize how blessed I am!!

Now as we enter the teenage years... wish me luck!!


Melissa said...

You are lucky!!! So glad you are blogging... it feels like we never see you guys. I heard Evan played an amzing Cogsworth!

Jeff said...

I should read our blog more often, I loved your St Patty's day post. I am the Luckiest of all. Thanks Marcie for being so great. I love you very much... Jeff

The Gray Family said...

you ARE lucky to have such a beautiful family!!! Miss having you guys around!

Niki McDowell said...

I too am so glad you're blogging again! Especially since we don't see you as much. Now we can keep up with what is going on with the Harris family.

Jenny said...

Very cute! You're such a fun mom!

melissa gargalis said...

You are an awesome mom! Glad to see you blogging again lady. Can't believe how grown up all your kids look.